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Design, Simulate, and Control Your Robotic System with the NMPL SDK FOR ROS

This package provides a ROS interface for the NMPL onboard SDK and enables the users to take full control of our in-house RoboTrol™ universal controller platform using ROS messages and services.

  • Full-Service Electrical Layout Design
  • End-to End System Integration Support
  • Highly Reconfigurable Middleware
  • Verification and Validation in KineSim™
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Industrial Robotics

We do planning,commissioning,programming and deployement of KUKA,FANUC and YASKAWA industrial robots for a variety of apllications from welding to palletizing.

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Software Development

Custom control system software design along with support for industry leading Simulation applications like NX, Simscale, Solidworks, Creo, Hyperworks,

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Small Scale Electronics

We take up small to medium scale electronics and electrical projects with complete end-to-end solution from hardware conceptualisation , implementation to PCB design.

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Internet of Things

End-to-end IoT system integration with support for network stacks like NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee etc. and using protocols like MQTT,AMQP,CoAP and Edge Microservices

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We provide in-depth technical support for Design Manufacturing and Engineering Projects in the control systems and industrial automation domain

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Mechanical Works

Fully equipped job-shop with 3 axes VMC, Lathe, Shaper, spot welder, FDM additive manufacturing printer and integrated CMM setup for end-to-end prototyping.

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We have Completed Some Foreign Clients Project







Get Benefits of Using Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

Introducing TrackSense™ - our latest range of object tracking intellingent End-of Arm Tooling that integrates a stereoscopic camera and grippper integrated inside the same package that can help AI driven object picking and placing applications.

Patent Pending Technology

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Machine Learning on the Edge

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Looking for a Reliable & Stable Robotic System Integrator?


End-to-End, Reliable & Cost Effective System Integration

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