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Automatic Height Control Slides (HCS)  

The Automatic Voltage control slide is an entry-level system in welding automation. This is normally used as an addon block. These oscillators are machine independent and can be mounted on any slide or boom from other manufacturers. The system comprises of simple mounting bracket with an optional torch holding bracket. Available for MIG, TIG and Plasma systems. This is an “off the shelf” product starting size is 100mm t0 1000mm. Inbuilt Features:

  • Height control mechanism
  • Dry run option
  • Reaction time settings
  • Manual jogging
  • Fieldbus connectivity
  • Wireless operator remote
  • Data logger and dashboard
  • Servo controlled

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Automatic MiG welding Jig

NMPL offers you a professional solution which makes arc welding simpler‚ faster and more productive than before. The core of this solution is the ARC robot‚ which has been specially designed for use in arc welding applications. The robot can be installed on floor‚ the ceiling or the wall‚ making it extremely flexible To integrate into system. All of the axes can be calibrated using the Electronic Measuring Tool (EMT)‚ facilitating quick and precise commissioning. The KR 5 Arc HW has a tremendous reach (without including the end effector) of 1423 mm. The KR 16 L6 Arc with an optional arm extension increases its reach to 1911 mm. This means that you have optimal accessibility even with large components and your system layout remains flexible.

  • These technologies deal with automated
  • The branch of technology deals with design
  • Robots can be guided by an external control
  • Robots are machines designed to perform
  • Robots can be autonomous
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